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One Time Programmable Voice ICs

Offered One Time Programmable Voice ICs are functional as the high performance solutions, available with Standard CMOS process. These can store voice messages very well, with high accuracy.

Re - Recordable Voice ICs

Re-recordable voice ICs are the high-quality and single-chip voice recording & playback solutions, which ask for minimum external components. These are accessible with advanced pulse generation and provide high level of outputs.

Musical Melody and Doorbell ICs

The Musical Melody and Doorbell ICs can provide a wide variety of musical tones. These provide a new dimension to several musical door-bells. These are highly suitable for several home and office applications.

Audio Amplifier ICs

The Audio Amplifier ICs are apt for assorted commercial applications. These can be used for televisions, keyboards, car stereos, headphones, and toys. The units can be sued for several electronic circuits for ultrasonic drivers, power converters, line drivers, and radio amplifiers.

Aplus programming tools are apt for a wide range of commercial as well as engineering applications.  These assist in asset management, health care, investment management, and DNA profiling, and by hobbyists.

Mantra and Shloka COBs

Mantra and Shloka COBs are used for providing exclusive mantras with good sound effect and great music. The sweetness of the mantras make the surrounding more peaceful. These are operated with ease and high efficiency.

Aplus Voice - Mantra -Sound Play Back Modules

The Aplus Voice - Mantra -Sound Play Back Modules are apt for a wide variety of OEM modules. These are open to system integrators, manufacturers and developers. These are apt for authentication, verification and identification functions.

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